I find it quite impressive to see how machine learning can determine the visit quality on your website in such detail. Where can you find this session quality? Under Audience > Behavior > Session quality: Visit quality in Google Analytics Image 1: average visit quality In the image above you can determine the visit quality of the most important India WhatsApp Number List channels at a glance. You can see that the newsletter has a higher visit quality than Google Ads. And that the visit quality of Google and Marktplaats Ads are close to each other. Additional Tips Tip 1: Compare apples to apples in terms of channels.

A Difference Between

In this example, the newsletter is mainly aimed at existing customers and the Google and Marktplaats Ads are mainly aimed at new customers. Tip 2: The above example uses the average visit quality. An average is very confusing. Because how many users per channel now have a session quality more or less than 8? You can find this out in the session quality groups at the very top of this report: Session quality in Google Analytics Image 2: Session quality You can see in the example above that users with session quality 6-100 are responsible for much fewer visits than session quality.

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But they are responsible for more than 90% of transactions. This is another example that the “conversion rate” is just a vanity statistic. Good for your ego, but it says very little about your website results. Just compare the conversion rate of session quality 1-5 with 6-100. How do you get practical insights from visit quality? The standard report without segments is useful to get a feel for the effect of the session quality on your website. But you won’t get much insight from it, because the context is missing. Therefore it is necessary that you use the session quality in a custom segment.

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