And therefore choose that something is only indicated mechanically. If potentially transgressive behavior has been shown. Is that sufficient to act on this, or do we really have to store the content as evidence and make it transparent? And is that acceptable? I think the interests are high: a safe environment for everyone. Safety acceptable Is this acceptable? To answer Bulgaria WhatsApp Number List that question, the value of privacy must also be weighed against the value of countering intimidation and transgressive behaviour. How important do we think it is and what are we willing to give up for it? Organizations that want to get started with this would in any case be innovative.

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I also think it’s always good to show that you don’t tolerate unwanted behavior. On the other hand, what happens when you act on a signal that is unprovable or misinterpreted? Other Disadvantages The disadvantages of such an approach base. This technology ar, therefore: the signals can incorrectly indicate something and the people involved are unjustly confronte with something very serious. In addition, there is a privacy question. But there are also disadvantages: it is relatively expensive to analyze such an amount of data and a big brother feeling can arise. I’m curious how you look at this. Prevent or cure? Another question is, when do you start using such a system.

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Do you do that if there are signs of intimidation? I think a happy workplace is an environment where everyone feels safe. This service fits in well with that. Prevention is better than cure. For everyone. Now is the right time For the first time in history, organizations are able to digitally analyze employee behavior at work. This presents an untapped opportunity for human resources to apply principles of big data analytics and machine learning to identify the early signs of harassment in the workplace. With the increasing understanding of the personal impact of harassment and the public attention it is receiving, now is the right time to understand how technology can help.

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