Universal and widespread format since it can be opened by a large majority of software, by anyone simply using free software or an internet browser. Interesting format and very convenient when printing files. It offers high resolution images and is known by all. .AI : This extension is the main extension of the famous Adobe Illustrator software. It is one of the formats most used by designers to design files. Its weak point, unlike .PDF, is that it can only be opened by its own software, namely Adobe Illustrator. .SVG : Acronym for “Scalable Vector Graphics”. Very popular vector format in the web world. Based on XML, it allows to define vector graphics. It also allows the realization of complex drawings Format also widely used. Its main advantage is that it is compatible with almost all graphic design software.

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The vector format is very interesting when talking about Logo. Having your logo in vector format is imperative if you want to use it on several media: professional business cards, textiles, brochures, personalized media, advertising leaflets, etc. The vectorized format is also necessary to make Raster to Vector Conversion changes to your logo. Graphic designers will ask you for sure. The main interest of the vectorized image for your logo is to be able to resize. It to infinity without damaging it. Even with multiple enlargements, the vectorized image will remain of very good quality. A vectorized file is more flexible. To sum up. The major advantage of putting your logo in vector format is that it can be used with. Any size without ever losing image quality.

Regardless of the size chosen

Raster to Vector Conversion

A vectorized file being more modular than a classic file, the pixels can be stretched to infinity and in all directions. While maintaining the sharpness of your logo. This allows you to rework your logo at will, improve it, make it evolve while having the best possible final result. It is very important Email Lists to have your logo in vector format in order to preserve all its visual quality. A blurred logo, even slightly, loses credibility with consumers and does not demonstrate your seriousness and professionalism. Put the odds on your side, be demanding with your business by only wanting the best. Conversely, for web use, it is preferable to put your. Logo in format since these types of files are less heavy. If your files are smaller, then the pages of your website will load faster.

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