These are goals that don’t bring money into the organization, but are important for assessing the quality of your traffic. The macro goals are: transactions completed lead forms comparable goals that ensure that the ultimate goal of the Lithuania WhatsApp Number List organization is achieved. The way you make money with your organization. You set these goals by using the standard functions available in Google Analytics. Or you can set them up by working with Google Tag Manager. You can also additionally set the e-commerce measurement and the enhanced e-commerce measurement.

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Highlights in conversion reports In the conversion reports you can view the goals and look for highlights. For example, by looking at the graph in the explorer or by looking from which sources and on which pages the goals are achieved. Or look at your set up funnel to see if there are certain steps in the goal process that you miss a lot of conversions because of. Then look for a cause. If you sell products, you also look at the e-commerce reporting. Here you determine whether the checkout flow works optimally, how the different products perform and you can analyze the orders. supporting conversionExample.

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Supporting Conversions You often judge channels on the end result (conversions). But if this is not the goal of your channel, it is not fair to charge your channel for this. It is possible that your channel will generate visitors who will become interested in your product as a result. So they convert later. To include this added value in your assessment of the channels, you can visit the supporting conversions report. In the example you see that visitors from facebook cpc only convert 8 times directly from the ad. This would make you say it is less effective.

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