been used to improve the characterization of the astrophysical system. “This is our first published event with a detection by a single observatory,” says Anamaria Effler of Caltech, a scientist working at the LIGO-Livingston observatory, “although Virgo made a very valuable contribution, as we have used their data to determine the better the direction of origin of the signal ”. “Despite the differences in the signal-to-noise ratio of the different interferometers, caused by known differences in sensitivity in distance and in different directions, the joint detection highlights once again the importance of the international network,” he says. Stavros Katsanevas, Director of the European Gravity Observatory (EGO) that houses the Advanced Virgo detector in

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Italy, near Pisa. There are several possible UAE Phone Number List explanations for the origin of GW190425. The most likely is the merger of a BNS system. Alternatively, it could also have been produced by the merger of a binary system in which one or both components were a black hole (BH), even though light black holes in the range of masses consistent with GW190425. So far, based solely on gravitational wave data, these scenarios cannot be ruled out. The estimated total mass of the binary system is 3.4 times the mass of the Sun. Under the hypothesis that GW190425 originated from the merger of a BNS system, it would have been considerably different from all known BNS systems in our galaxy, whose total mass range is between 2.5 and 2, GW190425 was

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recognized as an interesting candidate event shortly after its detection . It was published as a public alert by LIGO-Virgo, in the same way that it is done with all candidate gravitational wave events during the third observation period, O3, currently underway. Public alerts are freely accessible in the Gravitational Wave Candidate Events Database . “The ICCUB and IFAE institutes in Barcelona and the University of Valencia are members of the Virgo Collaboration, and have actively contributed to the fine-tuning of the interferometer during O3. Likewise, both ICCUB and IFAE participate in the construction of improvements for Virgo in order to improve the sensitivity of the interferometer, which will translate into an increase in events like the one that has been

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