Not only within e-commerce, but in every (online) business it is important to map the emotions of your customers. This way you find out the strengths and weaknesses of your customer journey and you can tackle them in a targeted manner.makes an unmistakable appeal to companies and gamification designers at Gamification Europe : ‘We need to lift our game.’ Longitudinal research shows that companies that use gamification are less satisfied Armenia WhatsApp Number List than a few years ago. Raftopoulos mentions as important reasons: the lack of support from (higher) management, poorly measurable results and expectations that are not met.

Going On With Your Customer

Bam, he’s sitting. During the congress, however, it becomes clear that it is not so black and white. Also this year there are impressive success cases of companies that, thanks to collaboration with gamifiction designers, have achieved objectives and returns on investments. What are the conditions for this? Involve (higher) management Juliette Denny (managing director at Growth Engineering) never presents her learning platform with the term gamification. Because gamification sounds too much like a one-off project for senior management. Her company therefore sells a ‘motivation strategy.

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With Your Customer

This means that Denny pitches with her knowledge about how our brain works and what the best conditions are to learn or stay involved. She then makes the business case: where are your customers/employees now when it comes to knowledge and involvement? What does it cost your company to keep them motivated? What does it mean if everyone performs 5% better? The word ‘gamification’ has not yet been used. But the (higher) management is then ‘on’. Also read: Turn your employees into players: gamification at the Knab contact contact center This is what a CEO wants to hear Mun Choong Lam (CEO of Selfdrvn) agrees. As a former CEO of a major technology company, he assessed gamification on the following three factors.

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