your search listings get more visual weight. Comparing a regular listing with a listing with all the extra. Data means you can double the size of your product pages in search results. Especially if you are able to add product reviews to the list. Those orange stars stand out on google’s blue/white pages.2. Traffic with higher conversion rates second. with rich snippets, you will get higher-quality traffic. You’ll get more “Show me your add to cart button” customers instead of window shoppers flying by. As you can see in the example, someone is able to view inventory, price comparisons, and perform basic store evaluations from the search results.  which will increase your conversion rate.The process of getting rich snippets is a very simple process, but it does require  to take time to add them.

Learning New Things and a Lot of Patience Google Has Been Known

so it’s a “Hurry up and wait” situation. Add structured data to your store to describe the content on each page.Google will recognize structured  Scotland Email List data during its crawling process. I’ve found it buggy and inconsistent many times. but it can help you a little from time to time.Generalize this guide explains how to start getting more organic. search traffic using google’s rich snippets and structured data. It’s a simple process that can increase the quantity. and quality of search traffic with a little upfront work.

Google Recommends Json-ld, Which I Find Easier to Use Than Microdata.

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Data vocabulary then you can use some different vocabularies. To simplify things, just use the schema.Org glossary.There are some old ones. How to search for your store. If you’re lucky, google will add your store’s search field to the results on its own.My adviceputting all this together. But I noticed that google dropped support for them in favor of schema.Org.Type of data and finally the .Data types your store needs. These describe what’s on your site. And for an e-commerce site, you’ll want to have five:-product to describe your product. Provide a description of how .You sell or offer your product (eg price, options).Aggregate rating summarizes product ratings and reviews. Organize to describe your business.Website to describe.

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