Quick Insights . Consistent answers to pressing questions within days. Through surveys and discussions . As you have read. It is a very effective market research tool for understanding the competitive environment and specifying the positioning of a product or service. Experts recommend that it takes 4-6 weeks to understand the Cameroon Phone Number of different targeted user groups. Having such a tool will inspire us to test ideas. Gather accurate information and deeply discover the market in order to reach our real audiences. If you are preparing a digital marketing strategy. Surely you already know that it is currently important to use social advertising platforms to boost the reach of your publications.

Or to reach your target on social networks. In order to get closer to our goal . Of conversion or favoring that our contacts advance through the funnel . The Twitter and Facebook ad platforms have been gradually adding types of ads that allow us to better direct the Cameroon Phone Number of our campaigns. Favoring their performance. On this occasion. It has been  little bird network that announces a new format that will show advertising with a carousel of photos and videos as the Zuckerberg network already does. Where these ads are among the most popular among advertisers since they contribute a lot higher conversion than static images.

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Twitter has listened to the demands of advertisers who are spending a lot of time and money to create compelling and engaging content for their social campaigns. Every marketing director considers it vital that these types of actions develop authentic and lasting relationships with customers. Due to the type of interaction that occurs Cameroon Phone Number brands every day on this social network. Advertising that is less intrusive and more focused on the user experience will generate better performance towards our marketing objectives. The most outstanding features is the possibility of telling stories based on several tweets. Whether they are your own.

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Or those of other users who have given their consent. These will be displayed within the same block using slider images. You can include up to twenty tweets with videos. Texts or images. Although we suggest that between 5 and 7 is ideal for best results. Twitter has been testing it with big advertisers like Disney . Gatorade and Volvo . Who Cameroon Phone Number reported their experience showing a high degree of satisfaction . Carousel advertising has allowed them to achieve greater participation. Link their messages with those of the influencers and finally. It has provided continuity in their story. Without interrupting the conversion of their users. What do you think of this advertising format?

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There is no doubt that this type of format is an open door to creativity. Getting the most out of it means taking advantage of the space and interactivity of the ad. Offering a different experience to users. Thousands Cameroon Phone Number thousands of posts are written every day. However most of them fail to be relevant or perform as desired. This is usually the big headache for any community manager or person responsible for disseminating content. There is nothing worse than posts not reaching a certain target audience with all the effort that goes into each content creation. For that. Hashtags can help our post go viral or at least lead to the right conversation. Through its use.

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