Hunches sometimes lead us to the right answers, but big data always does, so it’s better to bet on analysis than simple intuition. By this we mean taking into account the information on the behavior and trends of users on the network, which allows us to make increasingly assertive business and advertising decisions. Of course, to perform this analysis you need sophisticated programs and expert professionals, luckily, companies like Xarvis help you extract the answers you need without your team having to rack their brains.

For each buyer person Being very clear about the sequence and key moments of the customer journey from discovery to purchase is essential to structure your workflows. If until now you have been giving the same treatment and sending the same information to each potential client, we are sorry to tell you that you could be losing up to 80% of your sales opportunities. 5.- Your lead base does not grow What characterizes a useful lead base is that it grows and grows and grows.

You Have Not Defined The Customer’s Journey

If the number of leads you’re Denmark WhatsApp Number List with has stagnated. Or you’re just getting very little new contact data, something is definitely wrong. Perhaps your site and your social networks are not properly optimized to collect leads. Or the content, promotions or subscriptions. That you are offering are not attractive enough for your target audience. Your conversion rate does not increase Like the lead base, the conversion rate has. To keep increasing, albeit discreetly, and of course, never decrease. Otherwise, even if you are collecting thousands of leads. If you are not closing more sales, it means that they are not quality leads. And the money you are investing in getting them is wasted.

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Two useful ways to increase your conversion rate are. To analyze the needs of your Buyer persona and to carry out A/B tests on an ongoing basis. You have several months (or years) without updating your strategy. If you continue to rely on the same digital marketing strategy as last year. Then most likely you have already overlooked countless trends, tools. And news that today could be making you earn more money. No marketing strategy should be static over time. As well as the environment and customers. It has to change and evolve constantly.

You Do Not Have A Local Strategy

If Google itself continues to give fundamental importance to local positioning strategies in 2019 , what makes you think that you can neglect yours? Local search strategies are especially important for small and medium-sized businesses that sell to the general public, and basically mean that people who are close to you can find you, contact you, learn about your products and services, see reviews and even receive your notifications on the comfort of your mobile and immediately.

You are not personalizing interactions with your customers When you send an email, a notification or reply to a message, do you write to “your client” or do you write to Jorge, Luisa or Miguel? Each according to the different needs and expectations you have? The difference between what a customer perceives when you treat them in a personalized way and when you don’t is simply abysmal and often makes the difference between a purchase with you and a purchase with the competition. But to be able to personalize your interactions more and more, you need to resort to sophisticated information tracking tools. It is part of the big data universe.

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