To carry an image of closeness . Of Christmas spirit . It brings a greater flow of consumers. This decoration can be through lights . A tree or letters according to the time . It will increase motivation. As can be seen in the following example of trecebits . 7 digital marketing strategies to succeed at Christmas 2| Discounts : although these are dates Phone number list by expenses . Buyers are seduced by the best prices . So having discounts is a great help for decision making. There are a wide variety of ways to provide discounts . So the most creative is the one you are going to have to use .

For example and although it is typical . Subscribe to the newsletter and earn a percentage discount on your purchase with this code . Always and I always repeat . You have to have several payment methods . Either physical or online. If you can’t think of anything innovative . Applying an attention-grabbing call to action (CTA) helps attract new Phone number list to your website. The CTA can appear on the blog . Social networks or emails. 3| Do Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) : if you haven’t done social responsibility up to now . You’re still on time.

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Contributing to charity improves brand image and branding. Allocate a percentage of purchases to an association . Collect clothing or toys from consumers. Let the client know that your company collaborates . It is something that they like very much. 4| Gifts : these gifts should not be a great economic burden . It is sought that through them . Consumers Phone number list it as a detail and want to trust your company. They can be chocolates . Soaps… If the gift could be personalized. It would be much more attractive. Eye must know well the gift that is going to be.

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To give it to any buyer with the purchase . As long as we take into account that it is valid for children . Men . Women . Among others. 5| Get started with inbound marketing – And let the marketers answer your questions . They’ll give you the best tips and tricks to succeed with inbound marketing. You can learn a little Phone number list with this free guide . 6| Communication with the client : users are more attracted to a company that is aware of them . If the user has already become a client . Be attentive to how they have felt with your product . And if they will choose you again.

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Therefore, good option is to have a communication kit defined for different cases . In this way communication will be easier . And you will create more bond and complicity with the user. The information Phone number list by the buyer is what you should use to create new content. 7| Social Networks : do not forget the importance of social networks when it comes to having contact . Or launching promotions or questions. Advertising on Instagram . Twitter Cards or Facebook Ads is very comfortable and effective. Therefore, into account and take advantage of the opportunities offered by digital marketing .

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