With the outbreak of the new coronavirus, the entire IT industry is now working from home. No one is sure how long this will last. The possibilities of communication in the digital age have made virtual communication easier and more feasible than ever. Studies show that there is a growing tendency to work from home. But does this mean that working from home is a hallmark of work? Will work at home completely replace work at the office? These discussions are currently taking place in many organizations.

Let’s Analyze in Detail the Advantages and Disadvantages

of working from home and working in the office.

1. Flextime system: When working from home, you are free to choose the flextime system. If you have good internet access, you can also work in the living room, bedroom, or dining hall. In addition, you can take a break for tea or coffee at any time, or have breakfast or lunch at your leisure.

2. Time Savings: The biggest advantage of working from home is that you can save a lot of time. You don’t have to travel on a crowded bus or wait for traffic cues. You save extra time for sleep and keep your day working. Philippines Photo Editor 

Philippines Photo Editor

You Can Hurry to Prepare Food and Have a Fresh and Healthy Diet.

You can choose your own lunch time, you can have your food when you feel hungry. Also, when I’m at home, I have more time to exercise.

Many people feel that they spend all day in the office. So they can’t spend a lot of time with their families. However, when I work from home, I spend more time with my family. In particular, spending time with children benefits more parents.

5. Self-designed work environment : Another advantage is that you can create your own work environment. It is independent at home and defines the space for the office location. You will learn more about self-motivation and self-discipline. There is no dress code.

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