LJUBLJANA, Slovenia – At a conference in Moscow, the editor of a Slovenian magazine followe the path of foreign visitors. At a flea market stacke with kitschy memories, he photographe a Soviet military hat adorne with a re star. Eight years later, the photo became a weapon, part of Slovenia’s right-wing-pushe conspiracy theory, which has been criticize in the media as treacherous left seeking to return the country to a communist dictatorship. Slovenian Prime Minister Janez Jansa’s. Trumpian-style tactics”, as recently describe by six European press freedom groups, will generally not be a major concern beyond the borders of a small Balkan nation with a population of only two million.

For Years, There Was Bad Blood

But now they are being intensively inspecte by those looking for signs of what to expect Albania Phone Number List when p. Jansa will take over the rotating presidency of the. European Union next month. The presidency covers mostly dry bureaucracy, but it sets the agenda for a bloc involving nearly 450 million people. Mr Jansa’s approach is closely linke to the proudly illiberal Hungarian and Polish governments, which are also accuse of disrupting the critical media and promoting wild conspiracy theories. Slovenia by December. While holding the reins in Brussels, efforts to force leaders such as Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban to respect media freedom and the other principles on which the union was base may be further thwarte.

The government, he added,

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Albania Phone Number List

Early Twitter user – p. Jansa began using it as a political deception many years before Donald J. Trump did so. The prime minister is known to critics as “Marshal Twito,” a reference to Yugoslav dictator Marshal Josip Broz Tito. With Mr. Trump now banning Twitter, p. Jansa, though with far fewer followers, took his place by setting a benchmark. When a national leader reports unfair support for social media. Since then, Mr. The Jansa government has suspended funding for the agency, the country’s main. Local and country news provider, and forced it to continue to rely on crowdfunding. For years, there was bad blood between the director of the news agency, Boyan Veselinovich, and Mr Jansa, who condemned him as a “political tool of the far left”

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