ABN AMRO is a company that has had its entire annual report and accompanying. Annual Review for 2017 approved by an accountant. 5. Tell compelling stories Financial and non-financial figures, explanations about strategy, sustainability and objectives. It is all important for a good annual report. But the annual report only really comes to life if you can also show and Philippines WhatsApp Number List feel those facts and figures, in compelling stories. Bring reports and interviews (with beautiful visuals) that show how your products affect people: both the customer and your own employee.

With Specific Target Groups

Visit customers or projects and give substance to the results of your company. Story mining This journalistic story mining fits, for example, excellently with annual reports that are divided according to the Core & More principle. In that case, the beautiful stories come in the Core section. This also includes an interview with the CEO, a reconstruction of the creation of a new product. Or short stories about concrete challenges or innovations at the company. It is not a new topic, but it is one that continues to appeal to the imagination: the measurability of PR.

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Specific Target Groups

PR activities are very easily measurable, as long as you make clear agreements about them. I am not exaggerating when we talk about years of discussion here, even beyond our national borders. Recently, WARC research showed that the most effective campaigns increasingly rely on PR. A good moment to discuss the measurability of PR again. Barcelona Principles New on Frankwatching Google Analytics 4: Set Conversions Based on Session Duration 08:00 How to get started with account based marketing ma Gas in exchange for privacy: new EU & US deal on personal data ma 3 crucial.

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