Therefore, European countries should reconsider their strategic and financial efforts to generate climate-resilient forests. Natural disturbances such as storms, beetle outbreaks, and drought create gaps in forests, allowing a wide variety of native tree species to grow. According to scientists, this diversity increases the forest’s resistance to extreme weather events. In contrast, rapid reforestation leads to dense stands of trees of the same age, which are highly susceptible to weather events, fires, and pests. Subsidies for forestry should promote a diversification of tree species and ages, as well as the presence of gaps in tThe Institut de Recerca i Tecnologia Agroalimentàries (IRTA) in collaboration with the Basque Institute for Agricultural Research and

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Development (NEIKER-Tecnalia) present the WelfairTM certification of animal welfare for the main livestock species oriented to food production, such as cattle , pigs, sheep, Spain Phone Number List meat and laying birds, and rabbits. WelfairTM certification, represented by the Animal Welfare seal, guarantees to the consumer that the animals linked to the seal have lived and been slaughtered under the monitoring of their welfare, carried out through the indicators agreed by researchers from the European Welfare Quality and AWIN projects ( Animal Welfare Indicators). This implies that, for each species, the 4 basic principles on which animal welfare is based are evaluated: a good diet (free from thirst and malnutrition); good accommodation (with freedom of movement, comfort in

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the rest area and thermal comfort); good health (including absence of pain, injury and illness); and behavior appropriate to the characteristics of the species (including positive social behavior, The name of the Welfair ™ seal is the combination of the words “well” and “fair”, well-being and fair, in English Taking into account previously defined and standardized scientific criteria, it is analyzed how the animals really are, beyond the conditions in which they are housed. The seal guarantees that certified farms and slaughterhouses have passed the required score. The scientific parameters are established by the Welfare Quality Network, the network of EU research centers that ensures the integrity of the Welfare Quality protocols, and of which IRTA is a

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