explains Carme Jordi, professor of the Department of Quantum Physics and Astrophysics of the Faculty of Physics of the UB. And he points out: “To find out the chemical composition and thermal structure of atmospheres we use spectroscopy, and we take measurements at the moment when the planet passes in front of a star.” The study of exoplanetary atmospheres using infrared spectroscopy is one of the scientific objectives of the future James Webb Space Telescope, from NASA and ESA. “In addition, ESA’s next ARIEL mission is the first dedicated exclusively to the same objective, and also to a large sample of exoplanets, which in this case will be studied with optical and near-infrared spectroscopy,” adds the researcher. member of

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ICCUB, IEEC and ESA’s Gaia mission science team. Geology of the Earth and exoplanets To study and model geological processes beyond Earth, “we apply everything we have learned about our planet,” says Daniel García Castellanos, ICTJA-CSIC Nigeria Phone Number List expert. The in situ exploration of other worlds and the proliferation of discoveries of planets outside our solar system are an excellent opportunity to contrast what we think we know about the Earth system, the processes that are repeated outside and how often they do so. García Castellanos mentions some examples in this regard: «The erosion produced by liquid water has been essential to regulate the earth’s climate so that it can support life, but does that mean that without a water cycle similar to

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ours there can be no life? We also know that the Earth’s magnetic field has prevented the loss of volatiles from our atmosphere, including water. Could we predict, with what we learned on Earth, if a distant exoplanet has a well developed magnetic field, before we see it? ” On the other hand, the modeling or simulation of these processes makes it possible to better predict the scenarios that a possible mission would encounter on a planet or moon in the solar system. Living matter: on the trail of extreme life in the cosmos The study of microorganisms that live in extreme environments has drastically changed the way of evaluating whether the presence of life in other places in space is possible. In this sense, the book opens horizons for research on life in

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