Do you know how you can take your marketing automation to the next level using Machine Learning? It is not a science fiction story. It is a reality that your company can now take advantage of to sell more and better. Marketing automation has truly been a watershed in the digital age, allowing companies to manage and track huge numbers of prospects online, as well as streamline and streamline processes such as customer service. Nowadays, it becomes very natural for us to have software that, for example, sends a personalized welcome email to each new user who registers on the page, or a special promotion to undecided buyers.

In the process of determining and configuring the rules that will direct these actions , and although many platforms allow it to be done in a relatively intuitive, fast and simple way, we cannot always optimize automation at the same speed as demands of the digital environment, resulting in a loss of opportunities and competitiveness. Without a doubt, we have a lot to thank marketing automation for, however we must recognize that by itself it is no longer enough to keep us at the forefront; the number of factors and data that must be taken into account to send the right message to the right person often exceed the possibilities of human analysis.

The Complexity Of Automation Lies Precisely

That is why today the help of a Cyprus WhatsApp Number List ally is necessary: ​​machine learning. July 16, 2019Uploaded by Miguel Angel. Narvaez CamachoPosted in Marketing Automationviewed 1062 times. Why is Machine Learning essential in Marketing Automation? And what is Machine Learning? Machine learning is the use of artificial intelligence. That uses sophisticated algorithms instead of rules to make decisions on the fly. Learning from all the new information available. And predicting the best action to take in each particular case.

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In other words, machine learning analyzes vast amounts of data. To extract valuable insights, but it can also make actionable decisions. On the fly based on those insights, saving the human. Behind the screen a lot of work and error. What are the advantages. Of integrating Machine Learning in Marketing Automation? Marketing automation rules. And machine learning decisions can be combined in a very flexible way. It adapts to the unique signals and interactions of each user. Making the actions truly personalized. Automatic creation of personalized copy for ads, landing pages or messages.

You Need A Professional On The Other Side

You can determine what time, day and time of the week a prospect is most likely to buy. It takes into account the complex multichannel universe of each client (web, e-mail, mobile, social networks, search engines, etc.) and can even recommend marketing actions independent of the digital environment. Optimize the strategy permanently by resorting to A/B tests It further reduces the costs of attracting and retaining customers, increasing the return on investment. When a Machine Learning system begins to work, the information we have about the prospects’ consumption patterns becomes increasingly accurate, because it not only takes into account sociodemographic data, but also the particular digital footprint that each one has left behind.

Yes. This allows us to send them the right message at the right time, on the right channel; thus increasing engagement, conversion and retention rates. What are the current limitations of Machine Learning in Marketing Automation? It is not superfluous to clarify that no matter how advanced machine learning is, it cannot do everything on its own, it is not like you start it up and the rest of the strategy comes out on its own. As with anything, you need a professional on the other side of the screen who understands how the algorithms work and is able to oversee machine learning for optimal results.



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