of the Smed-egfr-1 gene in the EGFR pathway in planarians, which is made up of nine EGF-like ligands and six receptors (EGFR). “What we have found first,” explains Barberán, “is that when the Smed-egfr-1 gene is silenced , the cells of the digestive system that are dying due to the natural turnover of tissue cannot be replaced by new cells. For this reason, in a few weeks, the digestive system is degenerating ». This occurs because the progenitors of this lineage cannot be differentiated and accumulate outside the digestive system. “The same thing happens during the regeneration of this tissue,” says the researcher. Studying receptors and ligands in the EGFR pathway In addition to characterizing the function of the Smed-egfr-1 gene , the

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experts were also able to determine that Smed-nrg-1 Sudan Email List could be the ligand that would facilitate the differentiation of the progenitors of the digestive system. As Barberán explains, “ Smed-nrg- 1 is known to show homology with EGF-like ligands from other organisms. Notably, when we do RNAi experiments to silence the Smed-nrg-1 gene , we see that planarians have the same defects as when the Smed-egfr-1 gene is silenced.. In other words, the planarians can neither regenerate nor maintain the digestive system, and this occurs because the parents cannot fully differentiate and accumulate in the parenchyma outside the digestive system, ”the authors point out. The new study by the experts from the UB and the IBUB is key to confirming the role of

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the receptor Smed-egfr-1 and the possible ligand Smed-nrg-1 in the differentiation of the progenitors of the digestive system. ‘But in planarians, the EGFR pathway consists of nine ligands and six receptors. Therefore, it will now be necessary to see if the other receptors and ligands also have a role in the differentiation of other populations of progenitor cells ”, point out the authors. Therefore, they are now studying the Smed-egfr-3 receptor., which is expressed in the central nervous system, to see if it also has a role in the differentiation of progenitor cells of the different neuronal populations of these animals. If so, it could be concluded that the EGFR pathway may play a general role as a mediator of cell differentiation in planarians. “We were really

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