it tends to become rarer as we we move away from the mountainous massif; Despite this, samples have been found in the Region of Murcia. In addition to the doctoral student, the UMU scientists involved in these findings have been Olaf Werner, Samah Mohamed Rizk and Rosa María Ros Espín, who directs the research group “Molecular Systematics, Phylogeography and Conservation in Bryophytes”. Other researchers from the University of Florida (USA) and the University of South Bohemia (Czech Republic) have also collaborated on these works. The results show that these “warriors” are closely related to the species C. purpureus . “We show that during the evolution of this new moss the size of its genome has increased by 25% compared to the cosmopolitan C. purpureus and that the frequency of males has decreased significantly”, explains Ros Espín, co-director of the thesis.

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Although neither males nor evidence of recent sexual Yemen Email List reproduction has been found in the new species, genetic diversity among plants is relatively high. All this suggests that it does not need the male specimen to reproduce, but that it probably spreads asexually. That is, “it multiplies by fragmentation of the plants, since each piece of them has the ability to regenerate a whole plant again, which is genetically identical to the plant from which it comes”, adds the main researcher, who maintains that there are no other known cases in mosses in which the loss of males has been associated with the processes by which new species originate. This highlights the complexity of the speciation mechanisms in these plants. These investigations have been funded by the Ministry of Science and Innovation and the Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness.

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Molecular biology at the service of botany Current molecular biology techniques have allowed UMU scientists to carry out an in-depth study of the populations of the genus Ceratodon in the mountainous areas of the Mediterranean region and to compare them with those of other mountain ranges and lowlands, mainly in southern Europe. “We did genetic kinship analysis, we measured the amount of DNA in the cell nuclei and we determined the sex of the plants collected in the field; We also study and measure many morphological characters at the microscopic level, both in plants grown in the field and cultivated in the laboratory ”, describes the researcher Olaf Werner. Researchers hypothesize that C. amazon has gained DNA on its sex chromosome, which comprises nearly a third of its genome. In other organisms, sex chromosomes

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