pterosaur lineages originated from extremely small ancestors and has important implications for their paleobiology. “However, discoveries like Kongonaphon help us to understand much better the early evolution of the ornithodiran group,” says Kammerer. “By analyzing changes in body size throughout the evolution of archosaurs, we found compelling evidence that it decreased sharply very early in the history of the dinosaur-pterosaur lineage. ” Kongonaphon is not the first small animal known near the root of the family tree of the Ornithodira group or clade, but until now such specimens were considered isolated exceptions to the rule. Advantages of having a small body The detected ‘miniaturization’ event indicates that the dinosaur and pterosaur

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lineages originated from extremely small ancestors and Norway Phone Number List has important implications for their paleobiology, including the origins of flight in those who did. This small insectivore survived in a different niche than other reptiles and helps to understand the origins of the flight of pterosaurs, in addition to presenting a ‘fluff’ that later appears similar on the skin and feathers of some of its ‘cousins’ Another example is the fact that Kongonaphon ate insects, as indicated by its teeth. A change towards insectivores, animals with generally small bodies, could help the first ornithodirans to survive, occupying different niches from other contemporary reptiles, mostly carnivores. The study also suggests that the hairy skin that covered some dinosaurs

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pterosaurs, from simple filaments to feathers, may have originated from a ‘fluff’ like that presented by their tiny common ancestor. He used it for his thermoregulation . This adaptation will allow to retain heat in small bodies like yours during the late Middle Triassic, a time of climatic extremes with frequent sudden changes in temperature between hot days and cold nights. The co-author and co-director of the project , Lovasoa Ranivoharimanana , professor at the University of Antananarivo (Madagascar) concludes by highlighting that findings such as that of this small relative of dinosaurs emphasize the importance of the fossil record in his country and “help to improve the knowledge of the history of vertebrates in times that are little known

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