in horses and donkeys thousands of years ago, possibly at the beginning of domestication, had as its target the same gene (TBX3) in both species, giving a process of convergent selection, ”says Marcel Amills . “The reason for the selection for the color is unknown. Perhaps on a whim or for practical reasons, such as facilitating the location of animals, or for cultural or religious reasons ”, he adds. “The domestication process implied changes in the morphology, color, reproduction and behavior of the domesticated species through selection exerted by human beings, but it is not known whether this selection acted on different genes in each species or on the same set of genes common to different domesticated species. As has been said, in the case of

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horse and donkey pigmentation, selection acted on Algeria WhatsApp Number List the same gene (TBX3) in both species ”, concludes Marcel Amills . How the study was done To carry out the study, combining different molecular techniques, the genome of a domestic donkey was first sequenced with a resolution and quality much higher than in previous studies. The complete genomes of 126 domestic donkeys from Europe (Spain, 6 breeds), Asia (China, Iran, Kyrgyzstan), Africa (Egypt, Kenya, Ethiopia, and Nigeria), and Oceania (Australia) have then been sequenced. This source of information has been combined with 7 complete wild ass genomes (3 hemionus, 1 onager, 2 kiang and 1 Somali wild ass), already described. Unlike previous work, millions of genetic markers (17

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million autosomal polymorphisms) have been used with a uniform distribution throughout the donkey genome. The genetic diversity of donkeys has also been compared at the mitochondrial and Y chromosome scale (13,000 polymorphisms), to check whether or not there has been a reproductive bias that has affected the variability of the species. One of the main limitations of exploration missions to Mars resides in the extreme environmental conditions of the red planet, whose storms can last up to 6 continuous months. These meteorological conditions make the development of constant and reliable energy supplies essential both for the exploration of Mars and for the future possibility of installing energy-sustainable human colonies on the planet. In

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