I believe Facebook Messenger marketing with chatbots is the Australia Phone Number List new frontier in digital marketing. Messenger marketing is the single most effective marketing channel that we’ve seen in more than a decade, and its potential remains untapped. What is Facebook Messenger marketing anyway? Let’s start from ground zero, just so we’re all on the same page. Facebook Messenger marketing is using Facebook Messenger as a communication channel with prospective customers. You can think of Messenger marketing as similar to email marketing. As a marketing channel, email has been in use for nearly 40 years. (Feel old yet?) But email is kind of worn out. You can do a lot of the same things with Facebook Messenger that you can do with email marketing — build a list, send drip campaigns, etc. But with Facebook Messenger, you can do more, do faster, and do it with far higher engagement rates.


Taken alone Australia Phone Number List Messenger is great


The Australia Phone Number real power comes when you use Messenger chatbots. With chatbots, you can program Messenger to do almost anything. And, you can do it at scale. Check also what Brand24 does in Messenger. Chatbots are software that automates messaging and messaging platform functionality. In other words, a chatbot facilitates a one-on-one dialogue, but it does so at scale. One bot communicating with, oh, say 35,500 individuals saves humans a lot of time and fried brains. During this week, my MobileMonkey Facebook page had nearly 43,000 sessions. The Australia Phone Number List sheer amount of marketing hours represented by that number boggles the mind. What do Facebook Messenger chatbots do? Facebook Messenger chatbots allow you to create content for users to browse/interact with via chat (like a website, via messaging) and also automate your most frequently asked business questions.


Chatbots have Australia Phone Number List tons of functionality

Australia Phone Number List

Schedule your dinner reservation, provide shipping updates on the new shirt you ordered, and even connect you with the love of your life. (Not even joking.) What else can you do Australia Phone Number List with a Facebook Messenger chatbot? That’s Facebook Messenger marketing with chatbots. Facebook Messenger marketing is huge. You already know that social media is a very big deal. If you’re a Brand24 user, you’ve seen what kind of power you can harness just by analyzing the intel on your social media channels. Now get this. Just like social media is huge, social media messaging is even bigger. The biggest example of this is Facebook Messenger. It’s basically taking over the world. Hyperbole, yes, but I say this with some data provided by Facebook to back it up.

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