These KPIs are then the key to measuring your PR strategy . Also read: Steering on the right KPIs: this is how you do it Integrated approach Before I go deeper into the different ways to make PR measurable, it is important to mention that PR Pakistan WhatsApp Number List never stands alone. By deploying a strategic mix of paid, owned, earned and shared media, you increase your chances of achieving results. Online and offline marketing , social media (advertising) and PR, all means to achieve the objectives. When you use different channels, you have to ensure that the results are also measured in an integrated manner.

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Suppose that your analytics show that the articles on your website are getting a lot of traffic from search engines, but that this is not the case for Twitter. Does this mean that the time you put into maintaining your Twitter account is pointless? If the only goal of your communication strategy is to generate traffic, then it does seem like a waste of your time and money. But do you also want to strengthen your position of authority and increase your brand awareness? Then Twitter can certainly contribute to that. Just by the fact that tweets are indexed by Google . It is therefore crucial that results are brought together and discussed.

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Especially if the responsibility for different goals lies with different people. twitter timeline PR . KPIs As mentioned, there is not one holy grail for measuring PR value. Besides the fact that it is essential to first establish concrete goals, it is also important to continuously review the measurement methods and to continue to innovate. Developments in the field of communication never stand still, so you will always have to keep adjusting. I do this, among other things, by maintaining a dialogue with our international partners. How do they deal with this issue.

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