proposal and its viability, as well as market competitiveness and its deadlines. The proposals will be able to get through the web of Cambra ( until July 25 . During this process, an evaluation committee , made up of the participating companies and institutions, will analyze that the proposals comply with the philosophy of the initiative. That is why the viability and maturity of the project, the international vocation, the number of partners that present the proposal, the synergies with the current mobility industry, the capacity for innovation, sustainability and alignment with the SDGs, and the number of direct and indirect jobs generated by the project. Consequently, the committee will approve those initiatives that best

respond to the objectives. Nissan’s decision  to close its plants in Catalonia will be a serious blow to the economy, and has been the catalyst for this initiative, with the aim of creating Belize Phone Number List the opportunity for everyone to reflect on the benefits and challenges of an industry undergoing transformation. Catalonia has to work towards a sustainable, shared mobility model, respectful of the environment, less carbon intensive and compatible with a long-term industrial commitment. The mobility infrastructures and the fleet will undergo a revolution in the way they were conceived until now, which will provoke the demand for a new industrial model based on the premises of sustainability and respect for the environment. This change will not be possible without ideas. We must take advantage of the current situation to lay the foundations for a new Catalan industry of competitive, innovative mobility

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and with an export vocation. The stakes are high and the entities promoting the action consider that a step must be taken to recover the industrial initiative that Catalonia has always had and strengthen (with the currently existing industry) the foundations of a new industry hub of tomorrow. The Cambres commitment goes through sustainability and innovation, two of the axes that are part of the Catalonia 2030/4 strategic plan. Antarctica has witnessed the continuous growth of tourism, both in the number of visitors and activities they carry out and in the number of ships that arrive in its waters, or in the diversity of itineraries and places they access. The expansion of tourism presents unique business and educational opportunities, but is also putting

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