directly related to the function of the floral repressor CcMADS19 , which prevents the activation of the floral promoter. By knowing which is the gene responsible for this slowdown in the development of the plant, we can act on it, promoting new practices that can mitigate the problem. ” 130 million tons of citrus fruits in the world Currently, around the world, 130 million tons of citrus are produced, of which Spain generates about 8 million. “Many of the most appreciated commercialized varieties, such as the Nadorcott, Tango, Leanri, Orri, to name a few, are affected by alternation”, adds Agustí, who continues: “For this reason, this study opens a way of great importance for the sector, since the application in the field of the conclusions that we have

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obtained could greatly mitigate the losses that derive Turkey Phone Number List from this serious citrus problem “.Researchers from the Universities of Huelva and the Algarve of Portugal have doubled the growth of microalgae with the use of agro-industrial waste from wine, carob and biodiesel. Experts have combined these organisms with the reuse of waste to achieve cheaper biofuel production and improve the overall economics of the process by promoting the circular economy. Experts have increased the growth rate of microorganisms by taking advantage of the diversity of their diet, since microalgae are capable of nourishing themselves autotrophically, using carbon dioxide and sunlight like plants, or heterotrophically, from sources organic carbon. With the

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combination of both, they manage to eliminate the problem of lack of food in the shady areas of the tanks where they are raised. At the same time, by means of a feeding system, called batches, they manage to harvest a greater amount of the biomass they produce in a more effective and faster way. It consists of the punctual contribution of the carbon source, in the tanks and when it is observed that the growth of the microalgae stops, the biomass created is harvested. On the other hand, the low price of biodiesel has encouraged intensive research in different directions. According to experts, interest in biofuel produced from microalgae has been increasing in recent years, since they have a great yield and, depending on the variety, they can

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