Lacoste therefore decided to make the “Alligator” his trademark. He had little crocodiles sewn onto his clothes. Gradually, the crocodile becomes its emblem, its totem animal, the logo of its own brand. The crocodile therefore had to symbolize elegance and relaxation, with a sporty style. It was then that the Crocodile was born. Robert George draws the crocodile As early as 1926, a friend of René Lacoste, Robert George drew the first crocodile which would then be present on the pocket of the white blazer he wore before each match. The famous green animal then appeared on cotton shirts from 1933. The logo remains for personal use and becomes, as we said above, the symbol of its brand, its emblem. After several trials and proposals for different sizes and colors, René Lacoste finally chose a small green crocodile with white scales, its mouth open and red.

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Clicking on the button below. SEE PRICES Graphic designer blog The redesign of the logo in 2011 Since its creation in 1933, the Lacoste logo has undergone a few small, rather subtle changes. It is in 2011 that we will note the biggest change, even if the latter remains, once again, slight. In 2011, the Shadow Making Service French brand Lacoste called on the Seenk agency to entrust them with the modernization of the current logo. Previously, the crocodile was on top of the name LACOSTE. After the redesign, the crocodile is now located on the side of the LACOSTE name in order to create horizontal continuity with finesse and elegance.

The typography is also reworked

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A finer and sober writing is then chosen. To date, the crocodile brand wishes to develop a Premium and more feminine visual identity in order to contrast with the massive and Email Lists masculine side of these beginnings. An Ecological Action – Save Our Species Since its inception, the Lacoste crocodile has always been the emblem and symbol of this brand which has gradually evolved: ready-to-wear, accessories, leather goods, etc. But in 2018, for the first time since its creation, the crocodile gives. Way to 10 other animals announced as being on the verge of extinction. A limited series of polo shirts was then launched. A unique collection in partnership with the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) whose main. Mission is to alert and inform about the global state of our planet’s biodiversity and the animal cause.

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