“We, the people,” liberate humanity from the divine rights of the monarchs, laying the foundation for America’s evolving democratic journey, but the “people” were the owners of the white men at the time. So whose freedom was the statue celebrate at the end of the 19th century? Hopes of rebuilding Black America after the Civil War have already given way to Jim Crow’s laws of racial segregation. The opening of the statue and the subsequent affixing of Emma Lazarus’ poem to the pedestal marke a great moment for European immigration and American acceptance,” said Pap Ndiaye, a Senegalese and French national who was recently name director of the National Museum. immigration in Paris. “It’s something glorious.

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At the same time, he continue “It was also a very painful moment for African Americans as segregation Sweden Phone Number and lynx rage throughout the South. France, meanwhile, has been colonizing Indochina and Africa. The broken shackles depicting the abolition of slavery are simply visible near the foot of the statue, which was the idea of ​​Édouardo de Laboulaye, a spokesman for the French Abolition. The tablet, written in Roman numerals in 1776, is much more prominent in the left hand of the statue. July 4 In the previous model, the shackles were more noticeable.

Installed in the Garden of the

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Mr Ndiaye will attend a conference of historians convene later this month by the French Embassy in Washington. “The response to bringing the statue has been extremely positive. But we have to ask what Lady Freedom symbolizes today,” he said. Étienne. “Not everyone came here for free. After the show on Ellis Island from July 1-5, Little Liberty will travel to. Washington in time until July 14, Bastille Day. It will be installed in the garden of the ambassador’s residence and will remain there for a decade.

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