This area is called ticker . 3. Your friends’ photos are now displayed in pop-up format. 4. With the comment button we can now send comments directly on a status or a photo. As for facebook messenger we can see that it has also made some changes: 5. The blue bar of the old messenger that you used to start conversations has now been replaced by a circular blue icon. In addition . It is able to Afghanistan phone number the contacts of your mobile device that use the application and the option to communicate with them. You can also continue conversations on your mobile that were previously started on your computer. 6. Facebook messenger now offers the option of sending the already famous gifs .

Among other options such as audio (which did not exist in the old version) . Documents . Photos or renewed stickers. In the old version you had to drag the document to the chat window to send it . Now there is the option to attach by pressing a button. 7. What is intended with this interface is to create a more minimalist design that contains more colors when we click on the menu icon. 8. The blue Afghanistan phone number is used to write a comment . The green button to express emotions . The red one to post a gif . The purple one would be for music. Facebook has also added two extensions that could be interesting: 9. Flat facebook .

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This extension for chrome allows you to give a tone of the same hue to all the elements of the interface. 10. Facebook refresh . Designed to make our wall appear with a two-column configuration . Which will be more comfortable to see the news that appears. Facebook has not been the only social network that has experienced some other change . Twitter and instagram have been 2 of the social Afghanistan phone number that have launched this type of change in order to adapt to the new demands generated by the public .a 2) twitter changes its verification policy have you ever noticed that certain twitter accounts have a small blue tick next to their account name . These types of accounts are those known as ‘verified’ .

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Those that are owned by famous people . Well-known companies . National or international media … until now . The only way to verify an account was through a direct request to the social network . Which would be in charge of granting the little blue badge . But it has decided to change the pattern of its verification policy. If you think that your account needs to be verified and this can help Afghanistan phone number improve your profile for your target audience and get a greater number of followers on social networks . Now you can do it yourself by following a few simple steps. The first thing is to meet a series of requirements . Otherwise it is impossible to obtain that verification .

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You must provide: a phone number that has been verified and is active a confirmed email address that twitter can access a biography that allows to know something about you in front of the public a profile picture that allows you to identify yourself if the account corresponds to a personal profile . You must provide the date of your birthday a web address to redirect your followers Afghanistan phone number to your brand . Company . Youtube channel… It is necessary that your account is public . To be able to read what you publish . Private profiles will not be accepted once you meet all of these requirements . Simply head over to the account verification request page .

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