What data came out as a result? 6% uplift in the number of checkouts on desktop 16% uplift in the number of checkouts on mobile 87% actually follow the advice of the tool 70% are positive about the tool Data collection without scaring the customer – De Nieuwe Zaak Mexico WhatsApp Number List It seems in 2019 a utopia, data collection without deterring the consumer. The customer is curious, extremely impatient and also incredibly demanding. It is therefore no surprise that companies want more and more data about their customers in order to satisfy them in all these characteristics.

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On the one hand, the customer wants to be assisted in an extremely personalized way, but on the other hand not to give too much data to companies to be able to offer this personal service. Well Achmea already tried to monitor the driving behavior of customers, but this went completely wrong. Facebook was also looked at skewed when it emerged that they paid young people in exchange for their data. Do you as a company still want to collect the data from your customers, without making it a problem for them? Then keep two things in mind. Fair exchange Fair exchange.

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The customer is quite willing to share data, but wants something in return. But when is it fair (according to the customer)? Make the customer feel in control. Be completely transparent and make it clear what you want to do with the data. Emphasize that the customer can expect better service if their data is known. No resistance. Research by De Nieuwe Zaak shows that consumers have resistance when they receive very specific retargeting. Pants that you clicked away a minute ago on a website and that already appear as an advertisement on Facebook.

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