exposure to 5 mM caffeine and 100 µg / ml. (from Prag, F (2017). Evaluation of standard and development of new sperm functional tests in selected primate species. MSc Thesis, University of the Western Cape). In conclusion, it is clear that CASA should play an essential part in any human-related reproductive studies where NHPs are used as animal models. CASA provides numerous applications for assessment of NHP sperm that can assist with both the standardization of protocols / techniques and investigating the effect of external factors on sperm characteristics. The technological tool was designed by the electronic engineer Mónica Yolanda Moreno Revelo, from the National University of Colombia (UNAL) Manizales Headquarters, who

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assures that the processing of satellite images from Cayman Islands WhatsApp Number List computational techniques is a useful tool to monitor different areas of the country. The application, which was initially made for computers using the Python and Mathlab languages, was tested in El Rosario (Nariño) and Campo Verde (Brazil). This processes the map of the analyzed area and with colors shows the types of coverage and the changes, for example if there was deforestation or if there were trees in that area before. The proposed technique allows to analyze an image by pixels (color units) and to see the presence of a coverage in a crop. “It is about classifying these images, since a visual inspection would be very arduous and expensive because it requires field work;

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furthermore, human analysis is not as precise as computational technique ”, he emphasizes. Likewise, you can identify the types of crops and have the information on the production that there will be doing an analysis to project how the crops will vary in the future, knowing if the land is adequate or if the same is grown in large quantities, in order to help reduce the environmental impact. “I analyzed an area without so many clouds and the idea is to provide tools that serve Ideam or environmental organizations,” says the engineer, who seeks to contribute to the development of her region. Application of the tests The tests were carried out on two databases. The first, on 11 different crops (soybeans, corn, cotton, sorghum, beans, non-commercial

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