This decision has cause gay Catholics and their supporters to be disappointe, even disguste. Liberal Catholics were again disappointe last week when the Vatican confirme that the Holy See’s Foreign Minister, Archbishop Paul Richard Gallagher, had delivere a letter to the Italian Ambassador to the Holy See expressing doubts about a bill that would add LGBT provisions to an existing law that discriminates against incitement on the grounds of race or religion is a crime punishable by up to four years’ imprisonment.

The Church Intervened Early to Change

But the pope clearly supporte the intervention, Cardinal Giovanni Battista Re told Indonesia Phone Number Rome’s Il Messaggero newspaper on Thursday. The reaction was intense and angry from the Italians, who accused the Vatican of obstructing the democratic process of the state, and the frustrate and confuse gay Catholics, who, despite everything they said, had seen the pope working against them again. In a clear effort to control the damage, Cardinal Pietro Parolin, the Vatican’s secretary of state and second-highest official after the pope, on Thursday.

He Said the Vatican Did Not Seek

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He said the Vatican did not seek to block legislation, but was worried that the vague. Language of the draft and the great freedom of Italian judges could lead. To criminal discrimination for the church’s core practices. He argued that hostility to homosexuals did not motivate the Vatican opposition. We oppose any intolerant or hate behavior or hatred of people because of their sexual orientation,” he said. Liberal supporters of Francis say letters such as those revealed by. Father Martin on Sunday give them room to move forward. But Cardinal Müller said nothing had changed since his departure, and if anything. Francis had become stronger in defending the church’s core beliefs.

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