The spelling mistakes you make will stay on your profile. If you do not pay special attention to these aspects . Your future contacts will not see your professional position as credible. 3. Not being part of groups that interest you A good way to build strong professional contacts is to join and participate in groups related to topics that interest you and that are also of interest to the person(s) you want to network with. When you want to Singapore phone number contact with someone . It is important that you do not use the predetermined expressions that it gives you by default . It is better that you personalize them.

Although it seems silly . It is something that your contacts like because they may think that you are a bit lazy on social networks and you ignore them. 4. Not being sincere in your description This aspect is very broad . But do not lie when describing your studies or the jobs you have done in Singapore phone number working life. When you add this information it is recommended to put the start and end dates. Another piece of advice that we give you is that you do not give yourself merits that you did not achieve or talk that you worked with someone important that is not really true.

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There can always be someone you know who finds out the truth and destroys your online reputation. That said . Put your professional skills . As well as the professional positions that you have had merit. 5. Do not ask for recommendations It is important that there are users who recommend you and write about your attitudes and skills that you have at work. It is not worth that a friend with a profile on this social network with a Singapore phone number profession from yours writes you anything. The important thing is that your superiors throughout your professional life write about you to give credibility to your profile. 6. Not personalizing your URL When you sign up for LinkedIn .

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By default . A URL will appear below your profile . What you must do is eliminate the numbers and symbols that appear by default and personalize the URL with your name and surname so that they can easily find you when they search for you on linkedin. Search engines like Google. Not doing this activity will make them think that you do not know how to use new technologies and therefore that you are not up to date Singapore phone number  the new issues that have to do with your occupations. Next . We will expose some notifications that will appear to your contacts that are really annoying and will make you think that you are a bit of a disaster with the management of your profiles on social networks.

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Leave no trace of which profiles you examine If you are trying to find some business possibilities or you are simply investigating your competitors or rivals . You should know that if you do not change your privacy conditions they will be able to see that you have been on their profile . Just as the Singapore phone number is also possible. For this fact you have to change these conditions in the upper right corner after clicking on Settings and Privacy / Visibility / Profile display options . Where you can select what information other users can see when you visit their profile and change what you want to be displayed or not .

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