People do not need to have money or other similar assets to invest in generosity circuits, because they can effectively invest many other things a smile, time, a feeling. And any investment will have a return, sooner rather than later. However, the profitability of generosity is not linear, since it usually enriches the circuit of interactions. The generous person always receives more than he gives, and not only in what he offers, but also in other things. This happens because of something elementary the response to a generous act is also based on a positive attitude on the part of the sender. It draws from it a virtuous initiative, and thus perfects a high quality energy circuit. Nothing negative exists in the circuit of generosity, there is no regret, expectation, illusion, hope, regret or frustration.

Integrative Thinking

That is why there is always an incremental value, a reaction that generates wealth. The other reason generosity always pays incrementally is because it destroys the foundation on which meanness rests. The opposite of generosity is always pettiness, and this explains the existence of greed, stinginess, meanness and lack of nobility. While pettiness places a person in a state of neglect, generosity not only Raster to Vector Conversion extracts it from there, it also makes it transcend. If this is measured on the scale of greedy and mean individual as petty, however everyone who is not generous, simple, must be included in the category of pettiness well, everyone who has something to give to others and does not do it, is petty.


Raster to Vector Conversion

Every human being has the possibility of being generous, there is no exception generosity is a verb, not a noun. Everyone has something to give and to do it lavishly. Then, failure to do so qualifies the provision as petty. If you want to achieve wealth, adopt generosity as a way of life. Be generous with Email Lists the time you dedicate to others, with the affection you show them, with the knowledge you transmit to them, with the attention you give them. Also be generous with your money, of course, but that ends up being the easiest thing a heartfelt hug, with a sincere smile, with the act of listening attentively to what another says, with the tone of voice in a good morning greeting that transcends protocol.

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