The accountant can apply two levels of verification: limited assurance and reasonable assurance. The second level is more in-depth. “Most annual reports with assurance are a combination of both,” says De Ruiter. Expensive, but ‘bullshit-free’ Requesting Peru WhatsApp Number List assurance on the annual report is a costly and time-consuming matter. The bottom line is that the company or organization must provide evidence to the accountant for every claim. It is therefore no longer possible to exclaim in the annual report that the company is doing so well in the field of sustainability.

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Unless you can prove that with numbers. Requesting such an external verification of the annual report by the accountant does have a number of clear advantages. It gives the annual report extra legitimacy. After all, every claim has been checke, so it is ‘bullshit free’. But it also has internal advantages, according to De Ruiter. “This makes the process of annual report production more robust. The accountant also makes recommendations: valuable tips about things that could be done better.” Seven year itch However, he sees that companies regularly stop with assurance of their annual report after six or seven years.

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I call it the seven year itch.” He understands that too. “Once you’ve done it for a number of years, your internal processes have improved and you know how to approach it yourself. The accountant’s natural advisory function has also been exhauste. The recommendations will be repeate. Nevertheless, I advise large companies to do it at least for a number of years: external verification of the annual report by the accountant or other expert. It really makes your annual report better and more reliable.

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