The Biden administration said late Friday that it would re-impose economic sanctions on certain Belarusian state-ownedcompanies, the latest diplomatic push by the Western government after the country’s authoritarian leader topple a European passenger plane last weekend. The plane, a Ryanair Boeing 737 flying from Greece to Lithuania, was flying through Belarusian airspace on Sunday when it was directe and force to land in the capital, Minsk, accompanie by a fighter jet. Belarusian opposition journalist Roman Protasevich, who was living in an emigration abroad, was detaine with his girlfriend while the plane lande.

Belarus’s President, a Brutal and

Belarus’s president, a brutal and eccentric powerhouse. Alexander Lukashenko, said he Nepal Phone Number had targetd the plane for threatening to send an e-mail instead of hijacking Mr. Protasevičius. But the Swiss e-mail service provider said the e-mail referre to by the Belarusian authorities. The letter was sent after the plane had already been diverte. Jen Psaki, a white house spokesman, said in a Friday night that sanctions on nine Belarusian state-owne companies lifte by the Treasury Department would be resume on June

The United States, Along With

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The Unite States, along with the European Union and other allies, is also working. On sanctions that will  applie to Mr. Members of the Lukashenko government, a list of “persistent human rights abuses and corruption, 2020”. Electoral fraud and events. May 23 “She adde.” The allegation of election fraud was a reference to last summer, when. Mr Lukashenko, who had been in power since 1994, claime to have won 80 per cent. According to votes, many Western governments said it was a sham election. His statement sparke mass demonstrations by police repression.

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