Watched more than Netflix, HBO Go, Hulu and ESPN altogether, Twitch is the Internet’s hugest live streaming platform. At the same time, Twitch is becoming a growing market and a rising industry of advertising opportunities for gaming brands, but not only. Let’s now have a look at Twitch from the marketing perspective. The advertising potential of Twitch is still mostly unnoticed. It’s a vast and unknown territory that awaits exploration. Let’s see what Twitch is all about and what advertising opportunities it gives. According to Statista, in 2019, there are 2.6 billion gamers world wide. In other words, it means that one-third of all people on Earth play video games. Gaming is an established mean of mainstream entertainment across generations. A chart showing the Pakistan Phone Number List growth of the gaming industry. What’s more, gaming industry is experiencing a continuous growth almost in every area for a number of reasons.


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Wide popularity and lightning-fast growth, gaming isn’t receiving the Pakistan Phone Number same level of attention as other forms of entertainment, such as football. Consequently, hardly anyone sees the huge opportunity to connect with the large numbers of consumers who spend more and more time on gaming. Gaming industry continues to be under-utilised in reaching potential consumers. What is Twitch? Amazon’s Twitch is a streaming platform that mostly airs video game live streaming and eSports competitions. Apart from gaming, Twitch broadcasts music, creative, and real-life content. It’s video games, however, that account for the Pakistan Phone Number List vast majority of views and hours users spend on Twitch. Here’s a few stats: A chart showing live hours watched per platform Gamers use Twitch to live record their gameplays, broadcast tournaments and engage with the audience via chat. Spectators interact with each other and broadcasters as well. The cultural phenomenon of video game live streaming.


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Kind of a return to social experiences of arcade games. The Pakistan Phone Number List only difference is that on Twitch the interaction takes place virtually. Stranger Things scene in which main characters play an arcade game. A stream consists of the main video, a webcam video, a chat, and information about. The stream including user name, watching now, and view count. Even though the majority of content on Twitch is related to video games. It’s important to remember that Twitch is more than that. There’s also a good deal of non-gaming streams, on Twitch A lot of today’s gamers are millennials who hardly represent stereotypical gamers. Gaming has become just another mean of entertainment, a social activity, and a part of the millennial media diet with two-thirds of U.S. millennials playing every month.

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