We all know that we have to measure the results of our marketing activities. There are plenty of tools to measure social media campaigns, email marketing campaigns, not to mention paid ads activities. But marketing managers often fall into a trap of measuring metrics that look great in an Excel table. But don’t reflect the overall state of your marketing activities. That’s a mistake we all often make. We focus on social media measurement metrics that are either easy to follow or don’t tell. Us much about the conditions your company is operating. Think about it – you may want to focus on the followers’ count of your social media accounts. The Denmark Phone Number List social media metric is easy to follow, you don’t need any external tools to measure it, and you can clearly see growth if you consistently build your channel.


Does it sound too good to Denmark Phone Number List be true?

Well, because it is. The Denmark Phone Number number of followers is a nice metric, but if you want to assess the state of your social media activities you have to take a deeper look at the engagement rates. And social media engagement rates are much harder to calculate. Identifying the right metrics to track is one of the greatest challenges faced by many marketers. Hopefully, with a little help from this article, you’ll be able to focus on the right social measurement metrics and boost your sales, brand awareness, and much more! 1. Not setting specific goals We Denmark Phone Number List all like growing numbers, but to stay on top of things we need to check on a regular basis whether your metrics are growing at the right pace. To do that we need to set up SMART goals.


The acronym Denmark Phone Number List stands for specific

Denmark Phone Number List

Measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-bound goals. An example of a SMART goal would be: “A 25% increase in Instagram organic reach within the first quarter.” That’s a very specific goal, possible to achieve within given timeframe, certainly relevant to your company and feasible to measure goal. Speaking of time-bound goals, it’s a good idea to measure the results of your campaign at regular intervals. That Denmark Phone Number List way you can spot a decline in growth at the right time and react swiftly. One way of measuring the performance of your social media campaign is to measure the social media reach of your dedicated hashtag. That way you’ll know how many people might have seen your content, you’ll be able to analyse the sentiment around those mentions.

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