Google Medical Brain AI is now more accurate than hospitals at predicting patient mortality rates – how else can AI improve medical care? Twitter expands Instream Video Ads to advertisers in 12 global markets (after all, 50% of Twitter’s Q1 revenue came from video alone) Shoppable STORIES are coming to Instagram… so why would Insta want users to limit their time on IG with Daily Reminders? No headphones but want to get updated on SMM news NOW? Get caught up on the top most recent social media news and key digital marketing trends below! 1. Google Medical Brain AI more accurate than hospitals at predicting patient mortality rates Google has taught its Medical Brain AI how to predict a patient’s risk of mortality, discharge and Indonesia Phone Number List readmission. Even more accurately than many hospitals! By taking a wider range of patient data than most hospitals do.


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Teaching its AI how to read all that data, Google’s predictive algorithm has shown higher accuracy than traditional hospital systems – in terms of predicting patient health and medical needs. In fact, in one of its earlier studies, a hospital predicted a 9.3% risk of mortality for a patient with metastatic breast cancer, while Google’s Medical Brain AI predicted a higher 19.9% risk. The Indonesia Phone Number patient, unfortunately, passed away less than 2 weeks later, but as we can see, the higher mortality rate that Google predicted was more accurate than the Indonesia Phone Number List prediction from the hospital’s own warning system. chart comparing accuracy between Google Medical Brain AI and traditional hospital systems A big part of why Medical Brain has higher accuracy is because Google’s AI reads all the  notes that doctors jot down about each patient in their.


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While many hospital warning systems base their predictions on a smaller subset of data. Google is currently exploring other ways it could improve the accuracy of Medical Brain even more. This includes voice recognition so that doctors won’t have to manually make notes for patient files. While this would streamline the medical process a great deal, it would require tremendous accuracy on the part. Google to Indonesia Phone Number List avoid any major disasters (understanding different accents, pronunciation, etc). If Google is able to do all this while complying with data security regulations. Medical Brain would be making huge advancements in medical care, minimizing the risk of human error. 2. Twitter expands Instream. Video Ads to advertisers in 12 global markets. Twitter is making Instream Video Ads available advertisers in 12 different global markets.

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