You can start with the most basic ones that are within your reach for free both on social networks and through Google Analytics . Or by creating the your own based on your measurement objectives and placing value on the data that you are most interested in analyzing or relating to each other. The KPI’s Italy phone number be specific in time . Measurable . That can be assessed if they increase or decrease . And that provide you with decision value. As Commercial Director you must be up to date with the data in real time . To make decisions as quickly as possible .

Evolving the strategy. 6| Online reputation crisis monitoring and prevention To get out of an online reputation crisis you must monitor all your actions on the Internet up to the minute in order to prevent any crisis. So that if an online crisis arises . You can detect it as soon as possible and Italy phone number it so that it does not affect the image of your company. Remember to do a preliminary analysis of the “hot” keywords or terms of your brand or sector . In order to detect and anticipate a possible communication problem. A well-planned active listening .

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An internal communication process to give an effective response as quickly as possible . Are key elements to control your digital reputation. Now you know what points of your internet strategy you should take care of as a good Commercial Director of the digital age . Do not forget to review each point carefully and if you are not developing any of these 6 points that are so important . Correct it as soon as possible. What are Italy phone number waiting for to get started? Developing a social media strategy can be difficult at first. The reward is certainly worth it since today the use they make of social networks is very important for companies .

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Both in the publication of offers and in relation to specialized content. However . It is natural that many companies end up desisting from carrying it out due to all the work that it entails . Because they do not know how to approach it and even because they do not have specialized workers. But Italy phone number must know that it is essential to carry out a strategic plan for social networks . In which you have to capture the objectives to be achieved as well as the script with the different actions to be carried out to achieve them. Without the realization of that strategic plan . You will most likely not be able to know what messages to post for a certain action or if your posts are being well received.

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That affects your benefits. Download our Team Planning Guide for Social Media Management To prevent you from giving up too . We give you 9 keys to help you prepare your strategic plan on social networks: 1. Set some goals. Setting goals in advance has been shown to increase your chances of success . So Italy phone number you create and implement your strategy . You need to set solid goals. Not only must you take into account the final objective of your company . But you must specify your main objective in social networks. For this we recommend using the SMART method as a guide.

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