A much more personalized follow-up of the transport of the product can be carried out A much more personalized purchase with respect to the client After reviewing these new features that ecommerce offers on the Internet . And what are the advantages and the best payment methods currently Russia phone number via mobile . Do you prefer to continue making purchases through your computer or do you prefer to switch to mobile devices? Landing pages are a fundamental part of the Inbound Marketing methodology . As they convert website visitors into leads.

A good design and optimization of the structure of your website . Together with an ideal placement of your call to action is essential for conversion . As are other aspects such as not establishing a form that is too long and intrusive. These and other reasons will convert users attracted by your different content offers into leads . << Free guide: How to make a redesign of your web page that will hit the Internet >> For Russia phone number reasons . It is very important that on your website you do not make any of the 5 main mistakes why your landing page does not convert : 1| The header does not match the landing page When a user clicks on your CTA to access the content .

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It is important that it directly leads them to fill out the form without numerous ads appearing spontaneously . Since it can cause the user to be unclear about what you are offering. . 2| Not clearly stating the call to action One way to avoid making this mistake is to put the content you are Russia phone number into context with the call to action so that it is clear what your value proposition is going to be about. In addition . You can provide another point of view on it. If you wonder how many CTA’s a post should have . The answer is 3: one in the body of the text and others in the form of an image.

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Another essential aspect is that the content text adds value to the buyer persona. Remember that there must be a balance between personalization and a sense of urgency. Likewise . The position and order in which you put the call to action button is essential. 3| Misspellings It may happen that without realizing it you make a spelling mistake. This fact can subtract credibility and trust from your content . And your Russia phone number do not become leads. 4| Excess requirements in the form It has probably happened to you that when you measure the effectiveness in converting visitors to leads through the click-through rate ( CTR ) . The results are not what you expected.

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This may be because the form you have implemented for the conversion is too intrusive . Since you ask for too much data that your users are not willing to provide . Either because it is too personal for this ‘first contact’ or because it seems too long. For this reason . You must create a brief form with the Russia phone number data to be able to assess if the contact that enters corresponds to your buyer person. It is a fundamental task . Because if you ask the right questions . You will know which leads you have to allocate the efforts of your marketing and sales team to.

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