it is represented (the environment), the actors with less role (the native species) they become extinct. It is then when it is spoken of invasion. The fish expert from the UCM explains that during the second half of the 20th century the construction of large dams transformed the rivers of the peninsula. In this new scenario, river fisheries managers introduced new species such as pike or largemouth bass, “most of them large and predatory; We put the fox in the henhouse for our fish ”. The introduction of exotic species has important environmental, socioeconomic and health consequences, although the latter are hardly appreciated in the case of freshwater fish, the zoologist indicates. For example, since 1949, the royal variety of carp was introduced in great

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numbers, “a species that deeply disrupts the Liberia Email Lists river ecosystem,” according to Elvira. Carp change the physics of the water, making it cloudy and damaging the vegetation. Thus, in the Zóñar lagoon (Córdoba), due to the lack of water transparency, the species of diving ducks disappeared when they could not find their food. With this new scenario, a dance of species took place: the cormorants and herons arrived, and the diving ducks disappeared. “I don’t know what the new fishing model should be, but why do we have to stick with the one from the middle of the 20th century? Those managers did what they thought was best, but now we have to develop a new model and reach a consensus ”, the expert maintains. Elvira advocates turning to sustainable development

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and thus turning around a recreational fishing activity based on exotic species that endangers the natural environment and biodiversity.and allowed more precise regulation of the different cells that make up complex organisms. The next step of the study, according to the researchers, is to isolate the individual cells of C. owczarzaki and analyze them in detail to determine if they are all the same or if there is already some many human-made systems such as digital images or videos and in data storage in general. Compression also appears spontaneously in human communication under space restrictions (Twitter being a clear example). The researchers note that, regardless of their own findings, patterns consistent with Menzerath’s law have been

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