This blog is for creating an iOS app that shows conversions from one unit to another. It describes how Mutlicomponent Picker works, warnings, and more. For in-depth insights, read on. This is the second blog in the ios series. Inside the last blog, we saw it when we type something in the text box, a keyboard appears. To solve this problem, we need to add a button that covers the whole image. When the user touches any part of the background, the keyboard should disappear. Now let’s go and do it. Drag the button, set the button type to custom, and the text color to Spain Phone Number List be clear from the attribute inspector. We know that our program converts from Celsius to Fahrenheit and vice versa. So how do you add a few more features or units to convert?


To Do Spain Phone Number List This We Need to Add

Another component to Spain Phone Number the UIPickerView that provides the right selection when the unit is selected in the first component of the selector. To create a selector divided into two components, we need to add new NSArray data2 that will accommodate the data of the second component. Also define two constants that will reflect our two components. The second component depends on the first choice. To do this, we need to define a dictionary that will store the keys and values. The keys contain data that corresponds to the first dialer component, and the values ​​contain data that corresponds to the second dialer component. So let’s continue to Spain Phone Number List encode the “convert” button.


The Spain Phone Number List Previous Voter Had Only

Spain Phone Number List

Two meanings, i. Y. Celsius and Fahrenheit, then the result was calculated. But now we have four values ​​in Celsius, Fahrenheit, Meter, and Centimeter. So I used a switch statement that calculates the value from the selected string variable. We can now check for any exceptions that may occur in our program. For example, there is no value in the text box. Or we’re trying to convert from Celsius to Meter or Centimeter, which isn’t really possible. These types of situations are called exceptions and we need to Spain Phone Number List avoid them by writing code to eliminate such errors. Let’s fix the first type of errors that can occur when running the program. That is, we spend our field to write our value, which will be converted. Under this scenario, we need to alert our users to enter a value and then continue.

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