With the rise of powerful mobile phones, you need to take a photo for a few seconds and share it with others using social media sites like Facebook, LinkedIn and more. It would be nice if we could have our own website with which we could share experiences with family and acquaintances. AWS provides ways to build and host your own website. In this article, we will learn about AWS S3 static website hosting. The following tips will be discussed in this article, Start virtual servers. The last way to run a virtual server in the Lebanon Phone Number List cloud. ( AWS EC2 ) is to install the required software and manage it manually. This method places a heavy burden on the user who creates the site. Users must be an expert in AWS services such as. EC2, RDS, Route53, EBS, etc. With each of these approaches.


There Is Lebanon Phone Number List a Trade-off Between

Flexibility and ease of use. Lightsail is easy to use, but it’s a little strict about what can and can’t be done. The Lebanon Phone Number other end of the EC2 provides flexibility for different types of servers, automatic scaling, etc., but is a bit difficult to set up for those who are new to AWS. So let’s see how we can use S3 to achieve its goal, Creating and hosting a static website using AWS S3 The S3 is one of the oldest and most popular services provided by AWS, with high availability, longevity, security and scalability. S3 can be used to back up databases, Big Data Analytics, media and much more. It provides an object storage mechanism with the abstraction of buckets, folders and files.


The Abstraction Lebanon Phone Number List Makes the S3

Lebanon Phone Number List

Easy to use. With S3 (storage mechanism), there is Lebanon Phone Number List no need to plan capacity and specify initial capacity. As we add more data and delete the data, the S3 will automatically shrink and expand. S3 provides different storage classes for storing different types of data. From one storage class to another using S3 Object Life Cycle Management. Or Lebanon Phone Number List use AWS S3 Intelligent Tiering to let AWS decide when to move data from one storage class to another. AWS CloudFront, which is a CDN (Content Distribution Network). Can optionally be used to make a website load faster for the end user.

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