Officially, Kotlin’s programming language is one of the preferred languages. This article will help you get out if you are a new Kotlin user and have a thirst to learn this super cool programming language. I will discuss the topics in the following order: Consider writing 10-15 lines of code in Java and only write the same code in 3-4 lines of cutlery. Which do you prefer? Java or Kotlin? Really Kotlin right? Yes. This Argentina Phone Number List is because, Kotlin reduces the number of boiler codes in Java. These are no other sections of code that need to be included in many places, with or without any changes. Kotlin is very safe to use. Keeping it safe, Kotlin’s programming language reduces the NullPointerExecptions that occur during program execution. Kotlin is interoperable.


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It is accepted by many companies around the Argentina Phone Number world. Now that you understand what Kotlin is and why Kotlin is important, let’s take a quick look at the installation process. To Argentina Phone Number List work with any programming language, you need an IDE where you can write code and run them. For the Kotlin programming language, you can work with Eclipse, IntelliJ, Android Studio, or consider using a standalone compiler. Because IntelliJ is also a JetBrains product, IntelliJ’s priority is to work with Kotlin. So, I’ll explain how to install IntelliJ on my system and help you write a simple program called Kotlin. Such as what type of project you want to work with, ie Java, Kotlin, or another programming language.


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Folder, enter a name for the project, and then click Run IntelliJ Community Version. You’re almost there! The IntelliJ workspace is very convenient. You will find shortcuts on the screen and there is also a lot to try while working on this platform. Baslin basics In an object-oriented programming language, you first need to Argentina Phone Number List know how to create a class and an object. So let’s look at how to create a class and object in Kotlin’s programming language. Classes and objects Kotlin supports both (OOP) as well as functional programming. Object-oriented programming is based on real-time objects and classes . Cotlin also supports the pillars of the OOP language, such as encapsulation, inheritance, and polymorphism.

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