Any developer there dreams of creating or creating an application themselves. If you’re a noob or an experienced developer, you may want to start with the basics. The first step towards this is choosing the right IDE. This article describes how to install Android Studio. The Android Studio installation process involves 3 steps: So, install the Java JDK files. Review this article to Bahrain Phone Number List learn how to install Java . As the main focus is on how to install Android Studio, let’s move forward with the installation process. Install Android Studio After installing Java on your system, look for the Android Studio download on Google. Something like this will show what you see in the picture, Best Java Ide For Linux Click the link and you’ll be taken to Bahrain Phone Number List another page where you can download Android Studio . Clicking the “Download Android Studio” button will start downloading the IDE and you can relax.


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Shortcut to Android Studio on your desktop. You can simply right-click on the Bahrain Phone Number program and select Run as administrator. Click Next and you will see the start of the installation. When you do, you’ll be taken to this page, which is the welcome page for Android Studio. When you receive this page, click to start a new Android Studio project. Once you’ve done that, you need to choose what type of project you want to create. You can always go for an empty project because you can add or customize everything you have created. How to Bahrain Phone Number List install Android Studio: A simple app Writing a simple program for building applications isn’t that easy, but doing the right things and the right guidelines will definitely help you get out. So, let’s look at the structure of the project first.


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Of the project looks like. The application folder space also appears in the Java folder. Both are needed to build applications. Click the Java folder to find the Bahrain Phone Number List Main Activity () class. You will write your code here. Mainly considered a core class. Step 3: Turn on the BIOS on your system. This is because you cannot add a virtual device. You can do this by restarting the system and clicking the ESC button and go to the system configuration, select virtualization, and turn on the BIOS. This will take you to the end of this article, How to Install Android Studio. I hope you are clear on the topics and know how to install Android Studio on Windows. Now that you’ve completed the installation of our Android Studio blog, you can watch Edureka get started quickly.

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