In this Amazon Lightsail lesson, we’ll discuss a new virtual private service called Amazon Lightsail, but before that, let’s take a look at an abstract overview of things. Every business lies behind an idea, it is a key factor in the success of any business. Also, the Croatia Phone Number List sooner you implement this idea, the more successful your business will be. Take a look at AWS, the leader in cloud computing. Sure, they’re leaders because they’re amazing, but did you know they started their cloud journey back in the 2000s, when they had no competitors, literally, no competitors? We have dozens of cloud vendors to choose from today, but AWS is still in the first place, why? Because they got ahead. So if you want to start your AWS career as an architect, start learning AWS by getting started.


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You now, have an amazing idea, but then you don’t have all the knowledge and tools to implement it. Let’s say you’re a blogger and you want to Croatia Phone Number start creating your own blogs. But once you start researching, you’ll find out there’s this thing called MySQL that needs to be installed and configured along with WordPress to be installed on a web server, which costs a considerable amount! Wait! You rented a server, good job! Cool, so you just have to configure it now. You start learning things, configuring WordPress, connecting it to MySQL, configuring DNS and so losing interest because what you really wanted to Croatia Phone Number List do was blogging and you got stuck managing your servers! But no, rejoice! Our cloud computing guide is here to save you! Want more?


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So no need to worry about your existing infrastructure, just run your app and start building your idea, it’s that simple! Who will use this service? Let’s take the example forward, were you the blogger you remember? So, you need a WordPress-configured system, all you have to Croatia Phone Number List do is select the WordPress icon from the Create instance dashboard, choose the plan you want, and you’re good to go! So if you want everything to be installed, configured automatically from a technical point of view, and if your system doesn’t need automatic scaling, this should be for you! Configuration: Ops Croatia Phone Number List Works gives you complete control over your system configuration, you can configure layers, you can create stacks. Lightsail is not that complicated, you get the system, there is nothing to configure.

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