3 factors generate distrust when you buy on the internet 1) shipping cost when you want to make an online purchase . Shipping costs sometimes become a problem . Since they can exceed the price of the product itself. Some companies have used shipping costs as a powerful Armenia phone number positioning tool against the competition. By offering this service as free or with a flat annual fee . As is the case with the success of amazon premium. These types of costs represent a barrier for 58% of the population . Who are not willing to have to pay them. On the other hand . 49% of consumers do not buy a product if they are unable to see or touch it first. For this .

Companies have opted for tryvertising where all customers can try the product before buying it . So they can get an idea of its usefulness . Quality . Benefits. We can also find another phenomenon . Showrooming . Which consists of looking at and trying a product in a store and then ending up buying it on the internet. 2) delivery times it is an important enough reason to avoid Armenia phone number an online purchase . Since some prefer the immediacy of having the product they want in a physical store . Which is why 34% prefer not to make purchases online due to this waiting time. Another 34% say that they find too many problems when carrying out the return processes .

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The times of these procedures or the bad policies of companies that choose to restrict changes and returns . Represent a reputation problem for many businesses on the internet. 3) privacy policies the information that is provided about an identity . As well as personal data . Tends to stop the client who is not willing to provide this type of information . 29% declare themselves against providing Armenia phone number type of data. Regarding the moments in which it is decided to make the purchase . There is also information of interest to try to know the habits of consumers and thus find ways to improve their experience .

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Since 43% of customers decide to make this type of purchases from bed . 20% change the bed for the service . Another 20% do it while they are in the car . 23% decide to carry out this type of activity during their working hours and 10% have acknowledged having made purchases under the influence of alcohol. If you are an ecommerce company or you are considering having a presence in Armenia phone number online channel . These simple guidelines can help you create a good brand image on the internet that will increase your company’s income . While also meeting the needs of your audience.

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Taking advantage of time is one of the main headaches that affects a large part of the population today. The lack of it and the inability at times to distribute it in different activities mean that many of us would like the day to last ten hours longer. Many of the Armenia phone number will feel identified with our words . Because they have to be able to manage a large client portfolio efficiently and optimally. If you need to know more about how to care for your customer relationships through a crm system . You can download our free guide here. If time management is one of your concerns .

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