conservation programs and environmental associations have made efforts to control and eradicate this invasive species by mechanical means (by manually pulling the plant) or even chemical (with the consequent damage to ecosystems). However, sometimes it is not successful because they accumulate the plant material in the same place of action or not all the propagules that allow it to reproduce are not carefully removed. We believe that it is necessary and a priority to establish transversal and unified management strategies for its eradication “This increases the probability of regrowth and thus favors the dispersal of cuttings that have not lost their physiological activity. In the same way, the removal of the extensions of this plant can also favor

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that, in a few weeks, ruderal species or Dominican Republic WhatsApp Number List other invasive plants occupy the place where the invader was located ”, explains Rodríguez Parra. An alternative to these methods would be the search for specialist natural enemies that naturally control the invaded places. The researchers suggest that snails could reduce the production of C. edulis seeds , acting as a natural biological control agent . Likewise, Rodríguez and his team have verified that the presence of the mealybug Pulvinariella mesembryanthemi , present in the Peninsula, could be a potential candidate to stop its spread. “We believe that it is necessary and a priority to establish transversal and unified management strategies for its eradication, as well as respectful with the

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environment and coordinated by technical specialists. In this way, their rapid expansion could be stopped and the invaded habitats restored ”, concludes the expert. Jonatan Rodríguez Parra Jonatan Rodríguez Parra References: The Wada property makes the prediction of nonlinear dynamical systems particularly difficult and, therefore, it has been studied in systems as disparate as binary black holes, ecological systems or mechanical artifacts. Researchers from the Group of Nonlinear Dynamics, Chaos Theory and Complex Systems of the Rey Juan Carlos University, led by Professor of Physics Miguel AF Sanjuán, have recently published an article in which they expose different methods to determine when a dynamic system possesses the owned

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