It ‘s under 50 characters so it won’t be cut off on mobile devices. It has a language and message adapted to my target client . It has to be creative as well as timely . Allowing the recipient to discover and get excited. The message has to include action verbs that cause urgency. In addition . There has to be a hook . That is . A unique value proposition. You have to be careful with the Bahrain phone number you choose . As they can cause the email to end up in our client’s spam folder as it is considered spam . So avoid words like money . Cash . Call free . Save up to … Sometimes it’s good to include your first name in the subject line . So the user sees that it’s a personalized message.

3) preview text it can be useful for customers who use gmail . Outlook and iphone mail. It’s a preview showing the first few lines of the email text. It is a continuation of the subject line. Remember to be brief but concise . Write below 50 characters. What happens if we don’t use it? The body of the message will automatically be shown to the client in a disordered way and we Bahrain phone number don’t want that. Here is an example of an introductory text with a subject line) content body images make readers happy . They motivate them to read . So include at least one to make reading more enjoyable . You can include the image in the text or as an introductory header to the subject at the beginning of the email.

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Also add links to the images . So you will increase the probability that they travel to your target. To prevent our email from being a dead end . Include a call to action or cta . This will make it travel to where we have set our goal and we will prevent readers from leaving “”bounced”” (no interaction occurs). If you have never created one . We leave you a cta created by us: new Bahrain phone numberto action tip: we must add alternative text because there are many people who block images . Which affects our image or cta since it would look like this: free dictionary: essential inbound marketing vocabulary in case the cta fails in the reader’s attention .

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It is a fantastic idea to insert links that make your contact travel to your target and also . Surely . Provide them with more information. If you don’t want it to end up in the spam folder after spending time writing and configuring an email . Don’t include short links in the text. It is preferable to directly link the url. Lastly . Add custom elements. This helps your readers feel like a Bahrain phone number  is talking to them . It reflects attention and closeness. Includes social buttons to share . They will extend the life of your mail) signature it is together with the mail . The part where it will be very clear who you are . Making it easier for people to want to contact you. Branding is most effective when it’s consistent . So keep colors simple and consistent.

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Then choose the information you want to display based on a hierarchy (in bold the most relevant) and include a call to action and social buttons . 6) adapt email to mobile devices according to the annual mobile marketing study by iab spain (2014) . 83% of users access their email from their mobile at least once a week . So it is very important that we adapt all our emails to take Bahrain phone number of all that public who reads emails this way. We give you two recommendations : reduce the size of the images to compensate for devices that load images more slowly and make sure that the cta buttons and links are larger than 45-57 pixels (this is the equivalent of an adult’s finger). ).

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