mammals as a class, that is, which genes are only found within this group”. To do this, a set of programs was designed that made it possible to compare the genomes of 68 mammals. Among them, Homo sapiens, but also primates and representatives of the main orders of this class of animals, including the Iberian lynx. With these data, a catalog of genes exclusive to mammals was generated, some 6,000 gene families. At the same time, they were assigned a possible age of origin based on the species in which they are present. We also tried to find out what these genes do, using expression data (RNA sequencing) from different tissues to see where and when they were expressed, and proteomics data to see if they are translated, that is, if they produce

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proteins. Shorter, but active new genes A part of these genes would have a de novo origin , they do not come from the duplication of existing genes. De novo genes are important for Paraguay WhatsApp Number List acquiring new functions during evolution, as demonstrated by a previous study led by Dr. Albà ( Origins of de novo genes in human and chimpanzee , published in Plos Genetics) . In this sense, this new work has managed to identify the function of some of these genes, related to how the skin is structured and why it is different from that of, for example, reptiles, and others that participate in the mammary glands that distinguish between the mammals. They have also identified antimicrobial peptides, which are involved in the body’s defense against pathogens.

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researchers also emphasize that the genes found are short and are normally expressed in only one or a few tissues. In this sense, Dra. Albà wanted to emphasize that ” studies like this help us to understand how new genes are formed in evolution and if they have a relevant role in the adaptation of organisms to the environment that surrounds them .” For this reason, ” cataloging the genes in mammals is the first step to understand what their functions are ” and ” brings us closer to defining a set of pieces that originated at the base of their evolution and that are common to all of them or to some of their subgroups ”. In this sense, Dr. Villanueva-Cañas has explained that “we still do not know the function of an important part of our genes, for this

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