This also applies to the possible explanations for the behaviour. Because we investigate behaviour, a usability study or questionnaire will often not suffice. You only measure a small aspect of human behaviour: spoken language. And as we all know, what we Qatar WhatsApp Number List say can be quite different from what we do. Prefer to validate your (behavioural) findings through online experiments. With A B testing , you adjust the visual design of your website based on your analysis. And so you have arrived again at step 1: measuring the behavior.

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The analysis When the experiment is finished, you can start analyzing the measured behavior. What has your modification (variant B) changed in the behavior compared to the original (variant A)? Undoubtedly something very different from what you expected. Logical, because there are an awful lot of variables that are relevant. Based on your findings, formulate new hypotheses that will help you further explore and validate your previous behavioral analysis. Are there alternative hypotheses that can explain the measured behavior? Or could you perhaps test the same hypothesis again in a different design.

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Never running out of ideas again By focusing on the analysis of behavior within your optimization process, your A B tests get a clear direction. The structure and research attitude that you gain with psychology makes it possible to actually learn about the behavior of your visitor. In addition, you will never run out of test hypotheses or ideas again! By working from psychology and thus analyzing and validating all possible explanations for the behavior of your visitor, you are surprised with new questions, alternative explanations and therefore new hypotheses for new A B tests with every.

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